Sweet Shack

The home of the best Granbury, Texas desserts

The Lake Granbury destination for sweets, treats, and fresh-baked delights

The covered docks at Stumpy’s shade a family as they sit at a picnic table, one boy with a handful of bread for the carp, and his sister holding a cowboy cookie with two hands, each morsel a chunky blend of oatmeal, pecans, coconut, chocolate chips, and just the faintest whisper of cinnamon.

Both of these kids are having fun – one of them is in heaven.

Our decadent cupcakes not only define mouthwatering sweetness, but are baked fresh daily. Stumpy’s bakers make each and every cupcake with care and a baker’s love for their craft, to ensure you get the right amount of frosting and that the cake is moist every time!

Give us a call today to put in an order and ask about our seasonal flavors. Your Lake Granbury experience isn’t complete without a scrumptious Sweet Shack dessert.

A sample of Granbury desserts represented by cookies and cupcakes with frosting
A Stumpy’s Sweet Shack chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting
The Cupcakes
The Cookies

Peanut Butter


Cookies & Cream

Banana Pudding


Red Velvet



German Chocolate

Death by Chocolate Wedding Cake

Lemon Blueberry

Salted Caramel

Whoopie Pies

Thick frosting sandwiched between two soft, chewy cookies, with flavors in vanilla, chocolate, and mint chocolate chip.

Cowboy Cookie

Oatmeal, pecans, coconut, chocolate chips, and a touch of cinnamon. A melding of flavors that will have you reaching for a second and a third.

Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookie

A buttery cookie flavored with pure vanilla and almond topped with an almond sugar glaze.

Chocolate Chip

The classic, and the best ever. That is all.

Sweet Shack cookies rotate seasonally and include Snickerdoodle, peanut butter, the “Annie Cookie” with sprinkles, and gluten-free “monster” cookies.

Specialty treats

The Pupcake

A baked dog-friendly dessert so both you and your best furred friend can walk away happy. A peanut butter oatmeal muffin with peanut butter frosting topped off with a dog bone.


A classic chunk of chocolate, and delicious with vanilla ice cream.

Cookies & Cream Rice Krispies

The standby gooey, sticky treat influenced by a modern twist of cookies and cream.

Ice cream!

The traditional lakeside dessert that’s so tasty you need to shout it. Served in cones or cups, single or double scoop.


Regular Cookies
Single – $1.75
Four for $5.99
Six for $8.99
A dozen for $16.99

Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookies


Whoopie Pies

Single – $3.50
Four for $12.99
Six for $18.99
12 for $34.99

Ice Cream
Single scoop – $3.50
Double scoop – $4.50

Served in your choice of cup or cone.

$3.99 for a four-pack


We are proud to serve the best desserts in Granbury, Texas. Give us a call to place an order, or stop in and browse the decadent selection in our store on the premises of Stumpy’s Lakeside Grill and Lake Granbury Marina.